sherda pierre



What is AlterEgo & Co? Automatically I’m guessing you’re assuming something exotic within self!?!  It’s okay I get that all the time. In actuality, it depends on your perspective and how you view things. 


AlterEgo & Co. is defined as “a second self or different version of oneself” which influences the name. When we go to therapy we are never who we are in the world. You’re always your rawest true self when in therapy compared to yourself out in the world! 


My name is Sherda Pierre,  Licensed Mental Health Counselor- Therapist.  I’ve been practicing for four years. I specialize in depression, trauma, anxiety, and every day stressors. I have experience working in inpatient hospitalization, outpatient counseling, group therapy, and convicted prisoners. I’ve worked all age groups from  5 & up. My therapeutic methods are psychoanalytic, processing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and more. 

Throughout my fours years I have obtained knowledge and skills sets that are essential in my passion. My personal background/ hardship also played a key role in why psychotherapy is my passion.